Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ubud Bali ➡️ Cardiff California~ 24 Hours

We are home.   Three months seems short.  Feels like we were just leaving, saying goodbye to what is familiar and stepping off the grid. Now, here we are, comfortable back in our own space.  With new appreciation for all that we are blessed with. Loving family, dear friends, and beautiful home. The air is sweet, the temperature perfect, the sky clear and the ocean vast. Sitting in the sun with out sweating. No life threatening traffic.  Awakening to silence. Abundance in all things. Filled with gratitude for the opportunity to travel and experience what the world has to offer.  The journey opens your eyes, and expands your perspective. Once again, the circle is complete... Om Shanti

                                                                  Lena and Ron

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Staying in the Present

Only a few days remain of our time here in Bali.  We are trying to stay in the present, but it gets harder as the days slip past.  Ron and I walk the streets and the pathways, knowing this will be the last time for awhile.  Eating at favorite cafes and restaurants, savoring the "last meal" with friends and bidding farewell to one other.   Scheduling facials, massages, and pedicures.  I won't miss the endless motorcycles.  I will miss the kindness of the Balinese.  Who remain so peaceful and serene in the onslaught of tourist, and noise, and English spoken in many accents, expecting them to understand.  They never cease to amaze me with their gentle nature and pleasant voices.  Their lives are not easy.  They work long hot tedious hours for little compensation.  We have tried to learn a new phrase each day in Balinese, rather than Indonesian, which I believe they appreciate.  It creates smiles and laughter, their surprise at hearing us say something unexpected in their language.  I have sat and talked to some of the girls who work at our cottages and learned about their families, and the duties expected of them in this society.  Woman work incredibly hard.  Taking care of their homes, their in-laws, their babies, their husbands and then going to work for long hours at their jobs.  Riding their motorcycles from their villages long distances in the rain or in the dark of night.  I appreciate their inate elegance, gliding gracefully in their walk and in their soft voices with their sing song lilt.  I will miss the Balinese.  And I will miss the beauty of this ever changing island.  We have enjoyed the company of wonderful friends here.  Alexsandra who has lived here for five years, and amazes me with her energy and capacity to fill her days with writing and singing and dancing and bicycling and hiking.  She has made our stay here ever so much more enriched.  Dear friends Luci and Mark who we started our travels with in Bangkok and Chiang Mai and reunited with here in Ubud.  Allan and Isaac whom we met here four years ago and have enjoyed seeing twice since.  People come and go, but we always seem to come back to Bali.  Sadly all great journeys must come to an end and in a couple of days we will begin the long long day of travel home.  The "hurry and wait" day as we call it.  But for now, in this moment, I am happy to listen to the dogs bark, the frogs croak, and the occasional cycle roar off into the night...

Bamboo Village

Walking Around

"The Last Supper"

Friday, April 1, 2016

Another Walk...

Took another walk yesterday along the ridgeline above the river valley.  We left at 8:30 am which was OK as there were lots of clouds.  It was amazing passing the temple pagodas silhouetted against the morning sky.  We ended up at a serene restaurant with incredible waterlily ponds, and views of the hills beyond.  Then we walked back.  It was almost 10:30 and the sun was overhead. The last part was mostly uphill.  Kicked our butts.  We were pretty much wasted for the rest of the day.  

Another Walk~Campuhan Ridge